About Email Marketing

It has never been easier to maintain contact with your customers. Email provides a cost effective way of marketing to customers, existing and new.

Ciscom can advise you on the best way to collect customer data using your web site. We can then design and manage your email marketing campaign.

High Delivery and Open Rates

Ciscom can send tens of thousands of emails simultaneously from our high reputation emails servers, providing you with the best possible delivery and open rates.

Open Rates

Clients often ask us what is a good open rate for marketing emails. There is no simple answer to this because it depends on the industry, company and recipient list. As a general guide you can expect an open rate of between 20% to 40%.

Measuring the open rate is not simple either. Usually it is done by counting the download of an image contained in the marketing email. However, this is not entirely accurate because some email clients (e.g. MS Outlook) do not download images by default and some emails will be read in plain text. However, it does give a reasonable guide.

Measuring Email Marketing Success

You should decide what is going to be the measure of success for your email marketing campaign. This is usually going to be enquiries or orders. Marketing emails can contain tracking that enables you to count the number of clicks, enquiries and orders that result from your email marketing campaign. As with the open rate, the number of clicks you can expect from an email marketing campaign varies depending on industry, company and the quality of the recipient list. As a general guide you can expect between 2% and 15% click through rate. This means that for every 100 people who open your email, around 15 would click a link through to your website.

Buying a Mailing List

We recommend where possible that you build your own opt-in marketing list from your website enquiries and by interacting with your own customers and prospects. This means that when a customer interacts with your website, you need to encourage them to provide their details for future contact. For example if a customer sends you an enquiry you need to make sure their contact details including email address are stored in your website database. Contact us if you require more information about how this is best achieved. Yyou may also wish to encourage customers to sign up for a regular newsletter or special offers.

If you decide to purchase a mailing list then you need to make sure that it comes from a reputable source and it is fully opt-in and up to date.